MEF 金属化聚酯膜电容器 CL21 333J250V

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  • 型号:   CL21 333J250V
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金属化聚酯膜电容器  CL21

Metallized Polyester Film Capacitor Type:CL21


Are non-inductively wound with metalized polyester film as dielectric/electrode with copper-clad steel leads and epoxy resin coating.

◆ 特性:

● 高阻抗

● 良好的可焊性

● 无感式结构和具有自愈性

● 小型化、节约空间

◆ Features:

● High moisture resistance

● Good solder ability

● Non-inductive construction and self-healing property

● Space-Saving small size

◆ 主要用途:

● 适用于直流和VHF级信号的隔直流、旁路和耦合。

● 广泛用于滤波、降噪、低脉冲电路。

● 彩电,音响,灯具, 电话,计算机,程控交换机, 传真机及仪器表

◆ Typical Applications:

● Suitable for blocking ,by-pass and coupling of DC and single to VHF range.

● Widely used in filter ,noise suppression and low pulse circuits.

● Color TV, acoustics, lamps and lanterns, telephone, computer, pabx, fax, and instrument table