CBB20 金属化聚丙烯膜轴向电容器

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  • 型号:   CBB20 335J250V
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金属化聚丙烯膜轴向电容器 CBB20

Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitor–Axial  Type:CBB20


Are non-inductively wound with metalized Polypropylene film as dielectric/electrode with copper-clad steel leas or flexible cord and outer wrapping of polyester end sealed with epoxy resin.

◆ 特性:

● 无感式结构和具有自愈性

● 良好的可焊性

● 损耗因素小,绝缘电阻高

● 电容器的稳定性和可靠性高

◆ Features:

● Non-inductive construction and self-healing property

● Good solder ability.

● Low dissipation factor and high insulation resistance.

● High stability of capacitance and reliability.

◆ 主要用途:

● 温度补偿电路

● 定时、振荡电路

● 功率因素校正、开关电源耦合用

● 远程通讯、数据处理、工业仪表、自动控制系统的设备中广泛运用

◆ Typical Applications:

● Temperature compensation circuits.

● Timing, oscillator, circuits

● Power factor correction and coupling capacitor in SMPS applications

●Remote communication, data processing, industrial instruments, automatic control system of the equipment is widely used.