MPX,X2 安规310VAC电容器,3.5μF

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  • 型号:   X2 335K310VAC
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金属化聚丙烯膜抗干扰电容器 X2-MPX/MKP 

Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitor, Class Type:X2-MPX/MKP


Are non-inductively wound with metalized polypropylene film as dielectric/electrode with copper-clad steel leads and encapsulated in a plastic case sealed with epoxy resin.

◆ 特性:

● 塑料外壳封装,外观一致性好

● 能承受过压冲击

● 优异的阻燃性能

● 能承受2.5KV的脉冲电路,属X2类

◆ Features:

● Box type provides the identical outer appearance.

● Withstanding overvoltage stressing.

● Excellent active and passive flame resistant abilities.

● Withstanding 2.5KV impulse voltage, Class X2.

◆ 主要用途:

● 广泛用于电源跨线降噪抑制干扰电路,及交流场合。

● 电网电源供电的电子仪器和电子设备,开关、触点等产生火花放电的部位。

● 电动工具、灯饰、风筒、热水器等家用电器。

◆ Typical Applications:

● As an across-the-line type noise suppression capacitor, and suitable

●Grid power supply of electronic instruments and electronic equipment, switch, contacts produces a spark discharge sites.

● Electric tools, lighting, hair dryers, water heaters and other household electrical appliances.